Over 15 years of experience with specialist beer has gone into the creation of Mort Subite ‘Place de la Biere’ and as the name suggests a large part of that has been with Belgian beer.

The passion for beer in Belgium also epitomises the ethos of Mort Subite. On the facade of the Maison des Brasseurs, in Brussels’ Grand Place, you’ll see the words: It is by the grace of Saint Arnold and the experience of mankind that Heaven and Earth spawned that divine drink, Beer. A statement which perhaps characterises this passion for beer in a country which produces over 600 of them. Belgium has to be the worlds most exotic beer country creating more styles and flavours than anywhere else. The late Michael Jackson remarked ‘No country has so many distinct styles of beer,  no country has beers that are so complex in character, no country has so many individualistic brews... the respect reserved for wine in most countries is in Belgium accorded to beer’.

Not to say that Belgium is the only country to have such a unique passion for beer. We also support and appreciate the brewing traditions of the other great beer producing nations of North West Europe which is reflected in our extensive menu which includes beer from Britain, Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy.
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